Tech in the Commons: Connect the Dots with Census Data

By Generocity (other events)

Wednesday, June 26 2019 5:00 PM 7:30 PM EDT

Tech in the Commons is back for its third year to give nonprofits the tech tools they need to grow their impact, audience, fundraising and organizational efforts. 

The first session of 2019, in partnership with Comcast NBCUniversal, will focus on census data and how it can be utilized for more informed decision making for nonprofit and civic-minded organizations. 

The census has been around for over two hundred years and, for the first time, will be going digital in 2020. While an exciting step, there are still a lot of concerns about how the digital divide will cause important groups of people to be excluded from the count. 

During this Tech in the Commons session, we'll present three different examples of organizations currently using census data as well as what you need to know moving forward to make sure these data-driven decisions are fully informed and inclusive. 


Alex T. WIlliams is a Senior Manager of Data Analytics for Internet Essentials at Comcast. He received his doctoral degree from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. His research on media economics and social inequality has been cited by the Pew Research Center, the Washington Post, NPR, the Atlantic, the Guardian, and various other national news outlets.

Rosa Torres is a Data Solutions Product Owner at Vereti Concepts. She founded Dataimprint in 2017 to help organizations seeking to make a social change visualize their stories. Dataimprint is focused on driving action, outcome and impact through data visualization and social change data analytics. 

Ricardo Torres is Managing Partner of Vereti Concepts. Vereti Concepts assists organizations with bridging the strategy-to-execution gap. This organization aligns organizations imperatives to strategy, identifies  unique capabilities to build a competitive future. 

Ijanae "Izzy" Jackson is a current MBA student at Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Founder at Dwell City LLC/ Dwell City Solutions — a social impact web-based platform.


Neighborhood Outreach: Identifying Where to Concentrate Outreach Efforts Using Census Data — this presentation led by Alex T. Williams will focus on how Internet Essentials uses census data to target outreach efforts to close the digital divide. By analyzing neighborhood data, census data often tells a richer story that is more actionable. To illustrate, an interactive map of the digital divide by Philadelphia neighborhoods will be explored.

Moving from Outcome to Impact — Rosa and Ricardo Torres will present on moving from Outcomes to Impact.  Vereti Concepts will share how non profits can leverage census data to enhance their outcomes and move into compelling data storytelling that connects their mission to impact.

Startup with Census Data — Izzy Jackson will recount how census data helped her lay the foundation to create her predictive algorithm for Dwell City Solutions. Dwell City Solutions is a web based risk management platform that helps landlords reduce evictions by finding community resources for tenants to match them with jobs and financial planning resources. Using Census data was is crucial to modeling what the final platform will be capable of. 

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